Raw Gemstone Wedding Ring For Woman, Herkimer Diamonds Ring, Raw Aquamarine Ring, Opal Ring, Alternative Engagement Ring, Raw stone Ring


*You will receive a ring set(include three rings) from this listing, one Herkimer Diamond ring(with eight raw herkimer diamonds ), one Aquamarine ring(with one raw aquamarine stone), and one opal ring(with one raw opal stone)

*These Herkimer Diamond ring are made with genuine Herkimer Diamond in their natural, uncut state. These individual crystals are very clear and have interesting inclusions. Each Ring has 8 raw herkimer diamonds set on a beautiful copper ring shank.

**The Herkimer Diamond in our store are especially local mined from New York. Every art piece is handmade in Manhattan.

*Our gemstones are hand selected, and set on a beautiful shank for a one-of-a-kind work of art. Every piece is handmade and varies slightly, just made for the same unique you!

*Please note each gemstone is one of a kind. Each gemstone will display it's own unique personality, and each gemstone will vary slightly.


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