Here’s How You Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring For The Love Of Your Life

A ring from her better half is something a girl dreams about, and now it looks like you are all set to give her one. While it's a great idea, to begin with, you should know that picking a raw gemstone engagement ring can be a bewildering experience.

One of the easiest ways to determine your girl's jewelry style is to observe the type of jewelry they already wear. Take note of what they wear daily, look at their pictures, or simply peek through their jewelry box. Watch carefully for the following information:

  • The type of metal: what type of metal does your partner prefer? Do they like gold, silver, or platinum?
  • Diamonds or colorful gemstones: Does your loved one like colored gemstones or does he or she own a lot of diamond jewelry?
  • Bold or subtle: Personality varies from person to person, which means they have their preference. You'll find a range of possibilities for all tastes.
  • Type of jewelry: Some people wear a certain type of jewelry. Take notice of what your partner wears every day.

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring?

  • Always Check The Authenticity.

This is one of those aspects that you don't want to miss out on. You have to be a responsible consumer here and check whether the platform provides hallmarking and every possible certification. If they have them, it is always good to know which certification is provided. It is also recommended that you try learning to identify hallmarking on jewelry before buying anything.

  • Work On Your Budget

It is advised that you take your financial situation into account when determining the budget. Apparently, ordering stuff online often helps you save up to 50%, which also goes for diamonds. Please don't blow up your bank account just to purchase a wedding ring; debt isn't the way to go.


  • Check The Contact Details.

Websites that sell priceless jewels should always be open and upfront about their contact details. If the website's email ID is the only means of communication, you might want to consider it again. You may reach a reputable and licensed jewelry merchant at any time using their address, phone number, and chat support feature.

  • Read The Return And Exchange Policy.

Always check whether the product you are buying, be it a raw gemstone engagement ring in New York or a necklace, has a return or an exchange policy. Since you'll be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, it is advised that you briefly go through the company's return and exchange policy. If the return and exchange policies are not mentioned on the website, then consider giving that online store a pass and move on to another one.

  • What About The Delivery?

Before spending those hard-earned dollars, ensure you know how soon your chosen product will be delivered. It has to be done before placing the order, and ensure you are at home when your order arrives. Also, choose a website with a tracking ID to know your order's exact location. 

Final Thoughts

Buying an engagement ring is a big first step towards your relationship, which means you have to be absolute certain about the choice. A piece like raw gemstone engagement ring in New York requires you to follow the aforementioned tips. So, be mindful when going on the “hunt.”