One-of-a-Kind Jewelry starts in your soul, Handmade in Manhattan, New York.

We opened JadedDesignNYC at the end of 2019 in a studio room at the center of Manhattan, New York. We started to design, contact trimming factory and make jewelry, all the accessories are handmade in this studio with love and patience.
Running a business isn't easy. Especially in this big city--New York. To keep the good quality of every single art work, we spent a lot time on sourcing the jewelry material. Most of the material are from local factory. Some precious natural gemstones(like opal, emerald) are sourced from Australia and Japan. We believe that to be your best and to be truly passionate in a creative business, you need to know the work and process involved in making quality, handcrafted jewelry. This is why JadedDesignNYC is so unique.

We have worked with many clients from all over the world that request customized jewelry, and received lots of complimentary reviews. We consistently make ethical and original collections.We are very thankful for all the fan of JadedDesignNYC there who support such businesses as us. It is so wonderful to interact with people who love what you do. We are inspired to continue to grow in all things!

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