How long does silver, gold or rose gold filled jewelry last?

There is no exact answer to this because everyone’s skin reacts to metals differently. The life time of your gold coating will depend on the natural PH balance of your skin. If you have more acidic ph levels it will wear down more quickly. Wearing lotions on your hands, washing your hands with rings on, using chemicals, swimming all of these things can effect how long your gold will last. For some people it will last only a short time and you might see green patina on your finger which is coming from the copper underneath, while others the gold can last years. We offer repair service in our store so you can get it back to shine easily.

Will I receive exact same piece from the picture?

No. Each stone is raw and uncut. Every stone is unique in size, shape and color so when placing your order please leave room for slight differences. Every piece is handmade and varies slightly, just made for the same unique you! If you’d like to know exactly what your stone will look like before hand just email me through jadeddesignnyc@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to send you pictures and allow you to chose the stone for your ring.

How to take care of copper jewelry?

We intended to keep the copper as natural/bare as we can for our copper lovers. However, if the discoloring troubles you, I would recommend you to add a protective coating called Protectaclear(or simply clear nail polish works) to the metal area. This will creates a barrier between the copper and your skin and also prevents the metal from oxidizing (darkening). Depending on the amount of wear the coating will eventually wear down. The more layers you apply the longer the coating will last as well! 2-3 layers is a good amount! 
Please note that the color change from copper is not an allergic reaction but completely common as copper oxidizes fairly easily. If you notice your finger turning green where the band is just add another coat of protection I mentioned above. ( I highly recommend purchasing some for all of your metal jewelry or even a little bit of clear nail polish!)

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