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*These rings are made of raw Herkimer Diamonds and raw Aquamarine gemstones.
You will receive a ring set(two rings) from this listing as you see from the first picture, one Herkimer Diamond ring and one Aquamarine ring.

If you want to purchase only the Herkimer Diamond ring, then check this listing:

The Stone of Soothing.
March birthstone
It encourages compassion and tolerance, suppresses anger and hostility, and releases and cleanses the emotional body.
Gently calms the nervous system and facilitates the release of unhealthy patterns.
Assists in overcoming addictions.
Works with the heart, throat and third eye chakra helping to attune oneself to Spiritual Awareness.

*The Herkimer Diamond ring are made with genuine Herkimer Diamond in their natural, uncut state. These individual crystals are very clear and have interesting inclusions. Each Ring has multiple raw herkimer diamonds set on a beautiful copper ring shank.

**The Herkimer Diamond in our store are especially local mined from New York. Every art piece is handmade in Manhattan.

*Our gemstones are hand selected, and set on a beautiful shank for a one-of-a-kind work of art. Every piece is handmade and varies slightly, just made for the same unique you!
Please note each gemstone is one of a kind. Each gemstone will display it's own unique personality, and each gemstone will vary slightly.

**Ring care suggestion** :

*Knowing copper
When you wear copper jewelry, the acidic nature of human sweat and other chemicals on the skin, such as perfumes, lotions and makeup, can react with the copper. This reaction causes a green patina or surface coating to form on the copper, and that color gets transferred onto the skin.** We all love smell-good stuff: lotion, perfumes… But just be aware of this and it’s always better to avoid them when wearing your jewelry(which is suggested for any metal jewelry).

Don’t worry when you see the green colors on your fingers, because it doesn’t react with human bare skin. When you see the green just clean your hands with soap and keep it dry.

As a jewelry store, we usually coat a layer of metal protective clear on the metal to prevent this happening.(which you can also reapply by yourself)

*General clean and care

Since we are use natural copper, which will oxidizes by time(depends on where you live and how you wear it). Some people like the natural changes of copper, but if you want to bring it back to shine, there are a lot of ways to combat this:

*Soft jewelry polishing cloth works on most metals, including copper, brass, and gold. You can use that for your copper jewelry by gently rub the metal surface for a couple of minutes. (Reapply it once in a while to keep it in a good condition.)

*Also you can use small brass brush to polish the shank - it will back to very good condition.

*Vinegar and salt: Rub a mixture of 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 cup of white vinegar onto the copper with a soft cloth for a couple of minutes and rinse.

**Please remember:

Avoid getting the copper wet too often. Keep it in a dry condition.
Remove the ring before bathing, cleaning, exercising.

*The Jewelry in my store is packed with nice gift box.
Gift Boxes: To keep costs low and to prevent excess waste, multiple rings and earrings may be arranged in one box. If you require more than one box for gifts, please include a note at checkout and we will happily include additional boxes.

We hope you enjoy your piece, but if for any reason you are unhappy, please reach out to us via Etsy Conversation. We are proud to have one of the best return policies on Etsy, and our top priority is customer satisfaction.

*To find your ring size please contact JadedDesignNYC support for assistance.

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